An Idealist Dilemma

A friend asked me tonight why do so many rich people do nothing inspiring with their money? Like they worked for something, but then forgot what that something was?

I think it is that because in most cases they were working for freedom, and to get there via money is incredibly expensive.

When you are young, maybe you think $5000 can buy you a round the world trip, and then you will be free! But whats next? $10,000 dollars to invest in something that will make you enough to live off? Unlikely: the investing game is weighted towards the big players. If not that, then at least $500,000 for a house. But the process of acquiring that much gets you so used to slavery, gets you to hate it at the same time, that by the time you have the $500k you are in an extreme state of paranoia that you must keep on earning, after all, your recipe for the last 40 years has been to earn and save to get your freedom in the future. So you keep your strategy up.

Unfortunately I reckon many people never get to that future.

I am in the process of saving money for a house truck. it will not buy me freedom. it will push me to the outskirts of society, as there is nothing like living in a vehicle to open your eyes to the status quo that the earth we walk is not ours to walk: someone owns every patch. And police and fines will come my way, despite not harming anyone except perhaps vested financial interests of those who have much more than most. Everything is owned, and you cannot simply exist unless you pay somebody with your labour or rent and usually both, or will be turned upon by your fellow slaves, all to influenced by what they themselves have been foolish enough to believe, with no option but to capitulate or live in the desert constantly on the run. All land is owned, and even to own some is not enough: you must pay rates and all kinds of tribute and MUST KEEP WORKING TO PAY FOR THIS.

The only true freedom, is to not give a fuck and live under the radar, factoring in a certain amount of prison time and fines paid. Or perhaps to find it within.

I feel that it is possible that the more money you have, the more possessions, the less free you are. There appears to be no other way except the base comfort and poor substitute for freedom gained from feeling power over others through oppressing them. This IS an option. Perhaps the motives for small tyrants are contained within these words.

But generosity is at the same time liberating and helpful.
Minimalism is not respected but may make a man free.
Love, indeed, may be the answer.

Or perhaps it is struggle and suffering that is our fate, our due, and our liberation all in one.

After all, there is beauty in the strangest things.



One thought on “An Idealist Dilemma

  1. Ah. What price freedom?????? What does freedom entail??? Freedom gives one the right to live a brief life and suffer an agonising early death (the wild cow). It’s absence allows that cow to live a safe and nurtured longer life. Many Negro slaves refused to take advantage of the freedom that abolition granted them, preferring instead the well fed lot of the slave. Some of us may well be born to slave!!! Not you though perhaps Staf.

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