Learning to Roll with the Ups and Dows – is it Time for a Nine to Five?

So thats the third job cancelled. A trip to the Kimberley too, beautiful area. This time lawyers fucking things up it seems. Or maybe it was me talking things up and I got karma’d. But the thing is, I have people saying to me “but you still get paid right?”


So this freelancing thing, I don’t know what the hell is happening next month. I have jobs come up, sometimes they come through and when they do they can be awesome. But I’ve had a few recently that have been either called off, or indefinitely postponed. And its damn frustrating.

Why is it frustrating? I guess because you get these expectations that it is going to happen. You get excited and tell people that its going to happen. You count on it. You sometimes spend money on preparing for it. You turn down other offers to make yourself available for it. Then it gets canned!

But that’s the issue I guess, this expectation. The reality, which you might as well accept, is that things sometimes don’t go according to plan. Also, sometimes this “happens in threes” and a few things go differently than you expected, in a row. But why get angry about it? Its like trying to make the universe conform to your idea of what it should be like!

The reality is that something else will come up. And if it doesn’t, then I will just grab one of the ideas in my head and do that.

Like this for example, the trip got cancelled, so instead I’m going to climb a mountain in Malaysia with my mate Reuben. And you know what? I probably would never have done it except as a reaction to being pissed off about a cancelled job!

So to the people who were assuming that I still got paid: That’s for people who have regular jobs. Who sacrifice the freedom to choose for security and a regular paycheck. While that’s fine, and it is the best option for some people, the other option is to weigh it up and say be damned to selling yourself to be a kept worker, someone who is looked after by a boss like some medieval serf. To throw caution to the wind and be ready to accept poverty at times, to learn new ways to deal with disappointment, and to learn how to roll with the ups and downs like neither matter.

That’s what I’m trying to do.


One thought on “Learning to Roll with the Ups and Dows – is it Time for a Nine to Five?

  1. Good on you…. there should be more people with your attitude to life. Follow the dream and always remember that good things will happen to good people. 🙂

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