Letting Go – and a Van Trip with no Van

A lot has happened since I last wrote. Coming to think of it, I always write that. Good thing I suppose, that alot happens. Shits always changing around here, and where here is is always changing too. One thing thats hard to do is keep on top of whats been happening so I can focus on the new stuff thats happening every day.

Let it be said that the adventure is not over

I want to bring things up to date. But it would be hard and seem forced to force every chapter into this quick blog post. So Ive decided to let it go. Im going to let go of New Years and free camping at Maroubra Beach in Sydney, hanging out with French backpackers and helping them fix up their dodgy vans.




Home and hangout

Im going to let go of a road trip down the amazing coast south of Sydney, seeing weird cliff side communities people established to get away from debts in the great depression.


No roads in, no roads out. Government trying to kick the families out who have been living here for about 100 years. To make it a tourist park.


Im going to let go of returning to Sydney and rolling solo. And I wont even bother mentioning my deep chilling time driving down the coast solo, walking through the bush in a meditative trance and seeing all these animals pop up out of nowhere:


Happy with nothin’


Echidna revealed itself when I was meditating in the bush

Two skinny bastards

Two skinny bastards

You dont really need to know about meeting up with Erin again, and finding another beautiful free camping spot between the river and the sea surrounded by forest.

Buy that!

Buy that!

Erin's photo, by Erin I mean

Erin’s photo, by Erin I mean

Im going to let go of campfires and mountain biking in the forest at Lakes Entrance,


Long ride through pristine bush. Had to walk/slide down half of the hills, psycho…

No need to mention four wheel driving through the mountains in the van to find a stream with the most amazing sound.


Getting out of our depth but nowhere to turn round!

Im going to let go of an epic drive along the Great Ocean Road, cliffside driving the easily rival the Pacific Highway in America.


Stronger than me

And I wont worry about the story of visiting the farm where my Dad grew up, being welcomed with generous hospitality,


A Smith thats my Smith for once

seeing my cousins self-built recording studio,



and marveling at my 93 year old great uncle still working in their home enginereed hardwood sawmill.


Digger Smith, some kind of bloody hero!


The famous Smith’s Sawmill, times change and the small players slow down. The other side of conservation.

Im going to let go of returning to Melbourne for a great jam session on Australia Day. And I wont dwell on playing chess and jamming with my old mates Damo and Wez drinking red wine till the wee hours.

Wez and Damo, couple of mean mofos on a chessboard...

Wez and Damo, couple of mean mofos on a chessboard…

Im going to let go of having real yarns with my old mate Tom, and another kickass jam. And I just dont have the time to do justice to 2 weeks driving around Tasmania seeing rugged scenery, beautiful beaches, weird hippies and great music.



Im going to let go of returning to Melbourne, free camping at an inner city park for many many nights and swimming in the local pool every morning, practically living for free in an awesome city. And most importantly for me for now Im going to let go of the fact that Erin and I seem to have exhausted ourselves of each other.


Im not going to bother telling all the awesome adventures we’ve had, but I will tell you this: its been awesome, varied, difficult, inspiring, at times weird, at many times elating, and has made me grow. And where are things at? Well, I got a call from an old company I used to work for, so I parked up the van at a friends place in Melbourne and flew back to WA to do some work for a month or so. Erin flew back to do her graduation, then to Sydney for some family stuff, then she’s off to the Philippines on a dig. Fuck knows what the future holds for us or when either of us will get back to the van, not too long I expect…

Got no house, got hardly any stuff, got no certainty of the future, no security. But I do have money in the bank, a van to live in, good health and the freedom to grab any opportunity worth grabbing. And I have a feeling there’s a few coming up, but I wont spoil it…

All I know is that I owe it to awesomeness in general to keep focused on whats happening right now. Thats why I had to briefly tell about these few highlights of the trip so far. Because the longer I tell myself I should write about them, the more I get hung up on them, and the less I can enjoy what Im doing now. Its been a true adventure so far, but to be honest, I dont expect that the coming year is going to be any less adventurous.

Dont worry, Im not going back to my regular 9-5, never really had one 🙂


Alwyn, Zareth and Karnen who we’re working with. They offered us Goanna meat cooked in hot coals. Delicious rich flavour and a real privilege.


Not your regular pooch… Wild one. Hanging around looking for lunch…


Where Im at right now: Good company, great scenery, and a paycheque to buy more freedom

So fuck it, that’s it, up to date finally. Now when the next thing happens to come along worth writing about, the past aint gonna hold me back,

Ill just pick up this thing and write about it.

Stay tuned Smile


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