Living within the Ruins

Ive been spending part of my time here living within the fence of an archaeological park. I’ve been to this place before as a tourist, its called Jarash and its a very old city.

But this time I was living inside the fence, and thats a wholy different thing: to wander around on your own, with no-one around, is a magical thing.

The place is spectacularly well preserved.

But just outside the fence is a striking contrast: ancient sarcophagi lying in an empty lot, with development all around. Its difficult to reconcile this with my ideas of how the past should be treated. Tombs have been bulldozed, and people use the site to dump rubbish. A massive stone has been dropped on a sarcophagus, which I try to remember is someones final resting place.

But perhaps our idea of how these things should be treated is just an artefact of our culture. Maybe when you’re dead that’s it, and especially once you have decayed there is no point in leaving that land undisturbed for eternity: after all, you may notice that cemeteries in your country do not keep growing indefinitely!

After a certain number of years you will be dug up and crunched, and the space used for someone from the future.


4 thoughts on “Living within the Ruins

  1. Hello Staf,
    This is all just so fantastic to see. I would love to have the opportunity to see just a bit of it in person. Love Mum XX

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