Local Kids – The Shy ones and the Stonethrowers!

Spent a day exploring around one of the poorer suburbs of Amman, looking for the remains of the Roman town of Khirbet es-Souk that once stood there.

We thought it would be an easy day to do it, being the weekend, with less of the usual crazy traffic. But we didnt factor kids into the equation.

School was out, and so were the kids: they were playing on most of the ruins we found. It must be a fantastic place to play, I remember building little forts and stuff but playing empires in the ruins of a Roman temple must be a great place to stimulate their imagination!

Anyway, the young ones were all cute and shy,

but the older ones were a little bolder…

They crowded around, trying to get in all the professors photos:

Then they came up to me and asked if I knew what the middle finger meant!

Finally, they followed us out of the long-since-fenced-off ruins and threw a few tentative stones, the barrage increasing as we got further away!

But it was pretty hard to be mad at them, especially Michael Jackson here with the kebab as big as his head.

Just imagine the stories they told about the visitors to their place,

“haha and then I said to him….”

No doubt we ended up running for our lives in the exaggerated version. I swear its not true!


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